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Health and Safety

Our industry ranks among the most labour intensive. With this in mind, our senior management has consistently communicated on-the-job safety as a top priority. Our goal is to achieve top-tier performance and meet organization standard for keeping workers safe and healthy on the job.

Employee Injury Prevention Management System (EIPMS) is designed to minimize potential risks to employees and others, improve business performance and assist our organization in establishing a leadership position within the company.Safety Proper arrangement of lighting- We focus on proper where employees are working or passage should be well equipped with lighting arrangement.

Proper Construction- We ensure through pre checks that floors, stairs, passages and gangways should be properly constructed and maintained, so that there are no chances of slips or fall.

Material Handling-We take that adequate safety and handling equipment ids deployed and used in all material handling operations Proper precautions and training- We have proper precautionary measures and regular training built for fire. There is safe mean to escape in case of fire, and also necessary equipments and facilities to extinguish fire. First Aid Boxes- We have proper maintained and well equipped first aid box or cupboard with the prescribed contents. The manpower is regularly trained for basic first aid capabilities