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Logistic & Supply Chain Management

Logistic & supply chain management

OM SAI SERVICES has the size, scale and experience to help with any distribution challenge. We are the leader in Logistics, managing 250 Fleets of distribution across North INDIA. But we don’t equate bigger with better. In fact, our growth is best measured by the fact that our distribution customers stay with us a very long time.


  • Distribution Center Operations :-
  • Our full range of services includes IT, Telecom and Retail sector’s facility design, start-up/transition and day-to-day management.

  • Distribution Network Optimization :-
  • Consulting services backed by advanced data analysis and modeling tools determine the right location, size and inventory mix for your distribution warehousing operations.

  • Order Fulfillment :-
  • We manage high-volume, pick and pack operations, including e-commerce fulfillment.